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19175Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Hennessy vs Clark vs Mosquito Hammock

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  • Tom Frazier
    Jul 17, 2008
      I'm going to switch to 1" climbing straps to prevent any stretch, but mostly so I can use the cinch buckles to make adjustments a cinch. ;o)

      I've only sagged once, and the reason was because the two trees I tied to were *really* far apart. I even had to use tree hugger straps just to cover the distance! I'm going to eliminate the need for having extra straps and instead of two cords I'll just have one strap to put a rain diverting felt cloth onto.

      I noticed, though, that I do like the tauter tie rather than having moderate to severe sag. Though, I think that has mostly to do with the fact that the Claytor JH is only 3' wide, so you can't angle yourself at a severe angle to lay flat like you'd be able to with a wider hammock.


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      Tom and all:

      Don't forget to tie higher up on trees that are farther apart. I was
      utterly baffled at the different "stretch" performance I was getting out
      of the same polyester webbing until I realized there was a substantial
      difference in the space between my test trees and the forest trees I
      generally use.

      Changing the angle changes the tension you put on the straps.


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