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19162Adjustable Grip Hitch

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  • beentomadrid
    Jul 5, 2008
      I haven't posted for a while. I put up a hammock for my grandson in
      the yard and tried this hitch:


      It's like a tautline hitch, but it slips very little to not at all.
      But it's easy to adjust and move around to get it where you want. I
      use the fold-over the end with a double sheetbend method on my
      hammocks and used the adjustable grip hitch on the tree straps. It
      worked really well even though I was using slippery polypropylene
      rope. I noticed if you really abuse it (like kids swinging on it and
      jumping up and down in it) it will slip a little tiny bit; but not
      enough to really cause a problem. It's really easy to tie and untie,
      especially if you "slip it" like I did.

      If you fall on your hammock and really hit it hard, it will act like
      a shock absorber and slip a little to reduce the shock. It might
      save some wear and tear on a nice hammock.

      For the "for what it's worth department." Try it, you might find it

      Doug Campbell