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19158Re: [Hammock Camping] Trike touring single-pole tie

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  • Arye P. R.
    Jun 30, 2008
      Ive thought about this problem for a motorcycle with no real solution. The problem is a lack of counterweight for the force you create while you are in the hammock.
      You could use a dog run spiral steak <http://www.arcatapet.com/item.cfm?cat=1603> to secure/anchor/tie down a single pole or an inverted 'v' to the earth if a 2nd tree is not available

      I know there are other images but this is what I was able to find

      Single Vertical Pole
      this second illustration is an extra secure double staking method. The Line on the left side is going to either a Single vertical Pole or a 2 stick inverted "V"

      Single Horizontal Pole

      2 stick inverted "V"

      2 inverted 'V's anchored to earth

      Sapere Aude,

      Arye P. Rubenstein

      Imagination is more important than knowledge...
      It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education... Albert Einstein

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      From: Tomislav <d_tomoe_b@...>
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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Trike touring single-pole tie

      Hello fine gentlemen (and ladies)!
      I plan to go on a recumbent trike tour which will take me places where
      sometimes I won't be able to find a good spot to hang my hammock
      (Claytor Jungle). I will be able to find single tie points (such as
      powerline poles) but I'm wondering how to improvise the second
      tie-point. I'd like to use my recumbent trike (similar to these two:
      http://life. is.just.a. dre.am/recumbent 1.jpg
      http://life. is.just.a. dre.am/recumbent 2.jpg ) as a support for an
      improvised stand - using it as counterweight etc. Does anyone have any
      Just to make sure I am being clear, I know about the bivy-style
      hammock camping i.e. laying it on ground and tying it off to 2 walking
      sticks/alternative supports. What I'd like to somehow pull off is
      using the hammock in a regular way i.e. offground when I only have a
      single pole + my trike/equipment available.
      Thank you!

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