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19113Hammock Camping In Colombia, South America. Camping en Hamaca en Colombia.

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  • andyrojas
    May 31, 2008
      I'm a proud new member (well, to be more precise, 6 months now) of the
      elite worldwide group of hammock campers. Hope i never need to go back
      to using a tent. I live in Bogota, Colombia. I travel a lot through
      colombia and have met some hammock campers, but non are colombian, so,
      as far as i can tell, i might be the first one. (Actually the military
      use hammocks but their hammocks suck compared to my HH). I post this
      message in case any hammock campers plan to come to Colombia, or even
      better, to meet hammock camper who live here in Colombia. So any help
      anyone coming to my country may need, contact me, ill help out.