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19101Re: [Hammock Camping] Camping while scooting around the country

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  • Arye P. R.
    May 29, 2008
      Ive been doing the xc thing by mc for years starting with a '75 Honda CB400F and now a '95 BMW-K11RS. I have allways catted a hammock and would love to figure a way to hang one end on the bike and the other to whatever I can get 10-12 feet from. The places I choose to spend the night rarely have posts close enough. Im thinking some kind of 'A' across the center of the bike and secured to the foot pegs. But that would need to be almost 5-6' long and to carry something that long and sturdy on a bike would be tuff. Any suggestions? (luggage racks and sissy bars wont work - not designed for the load).

      Sapere Aude,

      Arye P. Rubenstein

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      I ride a scooter...well okay I ride several scooters - 150cc up to
      585cc - and use my hammock when camping out. Am encouraging other
      scooter riders to start using hammocks. Are any of you
      scooter/motorcycle riders who camp & tour?

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