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1910Re: Field use questions

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  • Coy
    Jun 29, 2003
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      First check our Sgt Rocks hammock section, Sorry I dont have the
      URL handy. The tree huggers are short for use with big trees. I
      watched Paul use a small stick this past week and learned a new
      trick. Put a small stick where the knot would be. A stick about 1
      inch thick is recommended. This allows you to tie and untie the
      figure 8 knot easier. The stick will be offset from the center line
      just a few inches and the knot will be tied beside it. It is hard ti
      tie the figure 8 without a little room behind it. But the tree is
      fairly well protected since most of the pull into the bark is from
      the back side wher the short strap will be.

      For cooking under the fly in the rain you need to wrap the hammock
      body up over the ridge line to keep it out of the way. Or like you
      said set up the fly by itself. I never take my fly off the ridge
      line so it is already protecting the hammock while i set up. The
      only problem i have is taking the hammock down if it is raining.
      For a heavy due i just wip the fly off with my shirt but if it is
      raining hard I just put it up wet with the intention of letting it
      dry the next night or when i get home, which ever comes first.

      I have not tried setting the fly up with seperate end lines but it
      would be easier to get the right tension. Just dong set it up much
      higher than it would normally go or you will probably get wet. Now
      if I could always set up over a nice sitting log for cooking I would
      be set.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Aaron" <aaron@b...> wrote:
      > I've been playing around with the HH A-sym I received in the mail
      > days ago. I set it up in the backyard and lay in it for a long
      > I feel confident that I'd sleep OK in it, but I have a few serious
      > concerns about practical use in the field:
      > 1) The tree straps seem way too short. According to the HH web
      > site's setup recommendations, you'd need to restrict yourself to a
      > 4" diameter tree to get the strap around twice. They seem woefully
      > inadequate for real field use. If I want a longer strap it means I
      > have to drive to REI(or order it)and spend time sewing up the
      > Is that what you guys have done?
      > 2) What do you do if you're setting up this thing in the rain?
      > According to the design specs,the hammock goes up first, and the
      > tarp attaches to the hammock line. I can see a significant amount
      > water getting inside the hammock in the time it takes to tie up
      > second side and when you'd get the tarp thrown over it. I can
      > definitely see advantages of adding cord to the other tarp ends
      > tying that up first, independent of the hammock. Anyone doing
      > 3) If it's raining when you get into camp and you haven't eaten
      > dinner yet, what then? (Sometimes I eat dinner on the trail then
      > hike more, but not always). Set up the tarp alone in-between two
      > trees, cook under there, then set up the hammock beneath? What
      > if it's raining in the morning and the designated breakfast
      > cooking (or you're a tea addict like me?) The hammock has to come
      > down before any of this happens. In rain or colder weather, I
      > cook from my sleeping bag. I don't see any way of doing this while
      > using a hammock. This restricts hammock camping to only the
      > of days or nice-weather days, at least for my style.
      > It's not just about sleeping or keeping warm. I can see that
      > camping requires a fundamental shift in approach and thinking
      > how camp activities are done. I would appreciate detailed stories
      > about how these obstacles are dealt with by you guys that are sold
      > on it.
      > -Aaron
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