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19099HH Fly / Poncho conversion?

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    May 29, 2008
      Hi, Andre-

      I sometimes use a Hennessy Adventure Racer with a Mountain Laurel Designs Poncho-Tarp for the fly. I'm a bit large (both height and weight) for the AR, but even an undersized Hennessy is more comfortable than the ground. The poncho needs to be wider than the distance between stretched out side corners, and longer than the ridge line in the hammock.

      That said, the airflow is not as good with this tarp as it is with the original equipment fly.

      I've talked with Tom about how to use the hammock fly as a poncho. One of Tom's ideas was to fold the fly in half, then wear the fly over the head, like a "Mary veil." Some Velcro on the edges that meet can hold the "poncho" closed, and a snug baseball-type cap both keeps the rain off of the wearer's face and helps to anchor the poncho in place.

      Hope this Helps!


      HH Fly / Poncho conversion?
      Posted by: "André Corterier" andre.corterier@...<about:blank> zakalwe32
      Date: Thu May 29, 2008 4:08 am ((PDT))

      Hi folks,

      sorry if this has been discussed in the past year and I missed it (I
      haven't been very active here lately). If so, a link would be
      appreciated. If not: Here's an idea.

      I have a poncho which one can set up as a shaped tarp with the help
      of a trekking pole. It's not bad except that it requires me to sleep
      on the ground. I like the fact that my rain gear and shelter share
      much (most) of the weight - dual use for serious weight savings.

      Now I carry a HH (Hyperlight) anyway, and it incorporates a rather
      large fly (Canopy dimensions: - a parallelogram with - long side =
      92" - short side = 65" - long diagonal = 122" - short diagonal =
      105"). Well larger than a poncho would need.

      Would you know of a cut and dry method of converting this for poncho
      use (while remaining useable as hammock fly)?

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