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19096HH Fly / Poncho conversion?

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  • André Corterier
    May 29 4:08 AM
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      Hi folks,

      sorry if this has been discussed in the past year and I missed it (I
      haven't been very active here lately). If so, a link would be
      appreciated. If not: Here's an idea.

      I have a poncho which one can set up as a shaped tarp with the help
      of a trekking pole. It's not bad except that it requires me to sleep
      on the ground. I like the fact that my rain gear and shelter share
      much (most) of the weight - dual use for serious weight savings.

      Now I carry a HH (Hyperlight) anyway, and it incorporates a rather
      large fly (Canopy dimensions: - a parallelogram with - long side =
      92" - short side = 65" - long diagonal = 122" - short diagonal =
      105"). Well larger than a poncho would need.

      Would you know of a cut and dry method of converting this for poncho
      use (while remaining useable as hammock fly)?

      If not, any ideas? (I guess it would need a hood - though I usually
      wear a rain hat, so I just need a slit for my head, but would still
      need a way of closing it for hammock fly use. I'd need some way of
      forming sleeves for my arms - I do like using trekking poles - and a
      way of gathering up excess material because it would hang down to the

      Or do you know of a commercially available product that would
      function as a rain poncho (with a mid-sized backpack) AND hammock fly?


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