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19081My big adventure

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  • Tina Paxton
    May 19, 2008
      >It can get very cold on those high
      >peaks in the Smokies, they have caught lots of people unprepared for
      >what they found.

      It was amazing the difference between Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was sunny and hot (I got the sunburn to prove it!) and Wednesday was bitterly cold. I'm wondering if I should have actually not worn as many layers over my torso...I'm thinking the sweat actually served to cool me down more than if I'd had on fewer layers and not sweated as much.

      >And yep, better brush up on a few of the hiking & hammocking skills... & be >careful about the hiking partners you choose too<G>.

      Yep, got some skills to improve on. Definitely need to be more careful when screening hiking partners!

      Any recommendations on books for studying up on how to backpacking/survival skills? I know I need to get the Speers book on hammocking. I'm looking forward to the hammock weekend as well.


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