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19073Re: [Hammock Camping] My Thoughts on Vapor Barriers... again

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    May 13 7:58 AM
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      I think another consideration for vapor barriers is ambient humidity.
      It's not just your own body producing sweat that makes them work. They
      also rely on the material wicking away moisture--or being dry at the

      With a vapor barrier, if you start out too wet, you won't
      dry--especially when it's extremely humid.

      So, I'm not convinced vapor barriers work under rolling fogs, typhoons,
      and other extremely humid conditions--all are damp, cold, and
      hypothermia inducing.

      The Appalachian Mountains have often been called a Temperate Rain
      Forest. In Taiwan at the elevations where I hike (2000-3000 m), the
      mountains are Temperate Rain Forest, too. Because the ambient humidity
      is so high, Taiwan's hikers tend to carry down bags rated for much
      colder temperatures than expected. This is because the humidity
      permeates everything and affects loft. Under these conditions, damp
      clothes, if slept in, usually do not dry. So, I make sure I pack
      sleeping clothes (including socks) in the same bag as my sleeping bag
      and I change into these clothes right before bedtime.

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