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19070Re: [Hammock Camping] cuben hammock

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    May 12, 2008
      Some people on this list have advocated using mylar as a vapor barrier
      between the hammock and the underquilt or outside the underquilt. Mylar
      would result in similar condensation problems.

      I once tried an insulated mylar (similar to the truck windshield cover)
      as an underquilt and found almost a teaspoon of condensation collected
      at the shield's lowest point. So, I decided that, for me, a
      non-breathable layer would not work. I'm had success with house-tyvek
      as a way to block wind, splash-back, dog noses, and rolling fogs.


      Richard Perlman wrote:
      > Cuben does not breath. How do you deal with condensation? Isn't it
      > like being wrapped up in a trash bag?
      > the gnome of blue island wrote:
      >> my thoughts on under quilts. I have modified a nanatuk down quilt by removing the foot box and turning it into an under quilt. with a shock cord in the sides and light shock cords over the strutural ridge line, in my home made cuben hammock.; it works great. I also put a very lite (.3 ) cuben sheet on the undersiode of the nanatuk to keep drafts and wind heat loss at a minnimum. . I'm wondering , why cant you make a down under quilt with a cuben bottom and a momentum top. ultra lite and keeps draftds and spindrift out.
      >> the gnome of blue island
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