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19064Re: [Hammock Camping] Those Sierra Nights

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  • Richard Perlman
    May 9, 2008
      I have 2 set-ups which work for 40-50ยบ. The first is a Jacks'R'Better
      Shenandoah underquilt with a Hennessey Hyperlight hammock. The second
      is an older Speer PeaPod (700 down and sewn through construction) with a
      Speer III hammock.

      I only use the HH when there are bugs about. I've had the Speer set up
      into the low 20's with the
      Shenandoah as added insulation inside the PeaPod. On top is an older
      Speer TopQuilt. Having a modular system gives so much flexibility.

      Once you go "underquilt" you'll never go back to a pad.


      Brian H wrote:
      > I am at a crossroads. My basic setup is a Speer/Risk/Jeff double layer
      > hammock with a GVP thinlight pad between the layers. I use a hacked up REI
      > Sub Kilo bag as a quilt.
      > All of my trips are three day Sierra high country with night-time temps in
      > the 40's-50's. My usual sleep setup is a Golite c-thru top and Patagonia
      > lightweight bottoms, sometimes with fleece socks and a beanie. I am toasty
      > warm on top, some nights to the point of sweat, but with a freezing
      > rear/shoulders when I wiggle off the pad.
      > I find that a pad inside the hammock is uncomfortable after trying it with
      > my new single layer hammock or my bliss hammock as a test in the yard. I'd
      > like to move toward using the single layer hammock and use the weight
      > savings to offset other goodies.
      > Now the fun part. I have tons of silnylon, 1.1 and 1.2 ripstop laying
      > around. Also some Thinsulate ultra and a big bag of goose feather/down mix.
      > I was thinking that an underquilt might work better than the pad and be
      > worth the weight trade-off.
      > I would like to hear from anyone using underquilts at 40-50 degrees as to
      > what your quilt is made of, how it is attached and if possible, a pattern
      > that works for over and under use.
      > Thank You,
      > Brian H
      > Folsom, CA

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