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19063Those Sierra Nights

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  • Brian H
    May 9, 2008
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      I am at a crossroads. My basic setup is a Speer/Risk/Jeff double layer
      hammock with a GVP thinlight pad between the layers. I use a hacked up REI
      Sub Kilo bag as a quilt.

      All of my trips are three day Sierra high country with night-time temps in
      the 40's-50's. My usual sleep setup is a Golite c-thru top and Patagonia
      lightweight bottoms, sometimes with fleece socks and a beanie. I am toasty
      warm on top, some nights to the point of sweat, but with a freezing
      rear/shoulders when I wiggle off the pad.

      I find that a pad inside the hammock is uncomfortable after trying it with
      my new single layer hammock or my bliss hammock as a test in the yard. I'd
      like to move toward using the single layer hammock and use the weight
      savings to offset other goodies.

      Now the fun part. I have tons of silnylon, 1.1 and 1.2 ripstop laying
      around. Also some Thinsulate ultra and a big bag of goose feather/down mix.
      I was thinking that an underquilt might work better than the pad and be
      worth the weight trade-off.

      I would like to hear from anyone using underquilts at 40-50 degrees as to
      what your quilt is made of, how it is attached and if possible, a pattern
      that works for over and under use.

      Thank You,

      Brian H
      Folsom, CA
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