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19058RE: [Hammock Camping] A place to hang in the Naples, FL area?

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  • Carey Parks
    May 8, 2008
      Yeah, that's a tough one as the state parks here are great and all over the
      place. All the good park land has become state park which is good if you
      don't hang. One of the main things they stress when you arrive is "Dont tie
      ANYTHING to the trees."

      I don't know if you kayak, but mostly I paddle out to the 1000 Islands area
      and hang in Mangroves on the beaches. Either in the Everglades National Park
      or just north of it in a free-for-all area. When camping with a group, say
      in Loxahatchee over near Fort Lauderdale, I pitched a tarp and used my HH as
      a bug shield under it, tying the netting up to the ridge line I set.

      I have see some private camp grounds out east of Naples/Marco on the Tamiami
      trail but I don't recall the name right off. And I don't know if they allow

      You can walk into the Big Cypress and hang if you want. National Forest
      people don't prohibit hammocks. It's still dry season so it's not a swamp
      walk yet. But the swamp angels are starting as it's getting warmer. There's
      a camp called Seven Mile Camp that I've been wanting to try sometime.


      There are camp grounds in Big Cypress too. See


      Let me know if you have other questions. Sorry I don't know an exact spot to
      hang where I've hung before - beach camping in the islands is just too cool
      for me to have camped on the mainland yet.



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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] A place to hang in the Naples, FL area?

      I will be in Naples next week and am looking for a place to camp. I
      understand the rules against hammock camping in the state parks and was
      curious if anyone could provide any assistance. Thanks in advance!

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