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19043Re: [Hammock Camping] Making my own hammock

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  • Tom Frazier
    Apr 27, 2008
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      Most single piece hammocks are made of 1.9 oz. ripstop breathable nylon (no
      dwr/silicone coatings). They are just a large square; usually you just buy
      three yards or more, depending upon how long you want your hammock (most are
      9'ft. to 10'ft long, nowadays), hem the edges up, and attach the support
      rope at either ends (the one you tie to the trees).

      That's it in a nutshell, though you can get as simple or as complicated as
      you wish. I've read on the hammock forums (www.hammockforums.net <--you
      should find lots of answers here; if you haven't already, check it out!)
      where someone cut his initial hammock pattern in an asym design like the
      Hennessey Hammock Asym., but most folks just make one cut on the fabric for
      the length and just hem all around the edges to prevent fraying.

      Then they get creative on attaching the bugnet, whether it be a netting
      "sock" that they pull over the hammock (perhaps with a zipper in the middle
      for easy exit/entrance), or they do what Ed Speer advises and use velcro to
      attach the netting, or sew the netting to the hammock body and install a
      zipper on one side, like what Claytor does. I'm going to do a mix between a
      Claytor hammock and a Speer hammock (attempt to, anyways) and sew on velcro
      to three sides of the hammock and a two-way, separating zipper on the
      entrance/exit side for ease of use. That way, I can take the entire thing
      off if I were so inclined (warm summer days at high altitudes and no bugs to
      bother me), but still retain a zipper closure on the one side so I don't
      have to mess with trying to align velcro on all sides every time I try to
      get in or out of the thing.

      As other folks have already mentioned, Ed Speer sells kits on his website
      (www.speerhammocks.com), and he also sells the raw materials if you want to
      attempt it from scratch. If you order at least $100 worth of stuff from him,
      you'll also receive his hammock camping book, which has directions on how to
      make your hammock start to finish. You could also check out
      www.hammockforums.net for additional answers (with pictures) to your "how to
      hang" questions.

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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Making my own hammock

      I want to have a go at making my own hammock for camping. I've seen them
      made from a single piece of fabric.

      Does anyone have a pattern for making hammocks and all of the materials

      Plus how to secure it to the tree etc.

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