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  • Chevy
    Apr 26 5:47 PM
      Hi David,

      That's exactly what I thought it was when I searched. I'll have to
      check for that quick release zipper thing.

      Thank you to everyone else for your replies!

      I won't use oxyclean and I'll definitely try Home Depot or Lowe's for
      some enzymatic cleaner.

      Hopefully we can get rid of the smell enough to try it out this


      In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "David Harvey" <gedanate@...>
      Hi Chevy,

      I looked at your two photos and it looks to me like an ex-Army jungle
      hammock. I found one abandoned in a demolished building site when I
      was a teenager, and I used it for years!

      You will know for sure if it is the real military hammock, because the
      zipper had a quick-release mechanism. If your camp came under fire you
      could pull the attached cord, and the hammock would open and let you
      roll straight out onto the ground.

      Three feet onto soft earth won't hurt you, as long as you remember not
      to stick out your arms!

      I hope you can get rid of the mildew. I am trying to clean up a tent I
      picked up at a garage sale. It too was packed away wet. It's a pity,
      because it was once a very good quality piece of camping gear.


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