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19024RE: [Hammock Camping] Using ascenders with a hammock

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  • Billy Chard
    Apr 24, 2008
      Thanks for the link for the knot. Ill check it out.

      You def have me there in weight my rig comes in at 72 oz. I guess It
      may sound like a lot compared with your set up

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      You can find directions for an Alpine Butterfly here

      It's very simple, but effective.

      12 ounces is a LOT of rope and is about a third of the weight of my
      hammock, rope, tree-huggers, tarp, biners, pegs, etc. It all weighs in
      at about 37 oz. JRB nest and no-sniveler are an additional 40 ounces.


      Billy Chard wrote:
      > I Must add here that I am not to knowledgeable about knots. There for
      > the 12 oz that the slap strap weights in at, and the ease of use, make
      > it benifitial to me. I do not have the experience with the HH Tree
      > Huggers, just the ENO slap straps. And as for them after 3 years or so
      > if use they haven't frayed yet.
      > What Is an Alpine butterfly loop?
      > Billy
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      > I use two carabineers to link my tree huggers to my hammock rope. They

      > are my compromise between weight and care of equipment. The reason is
      > wear and tear on the tree huggers (and the rope). Tying my Hennessey
      > Hammock following instructions, I notice the edges of the tree hugger
      > loops were very quickly getting frayed (i.e. within the first 2-3
      > of tying up). I also remembered a rock climbing rule--to never have
      > rope on rope or metal on metal.
      > I do thread the hammock rope through the Alpine Butterfly loop, but
      > there is not much friction or sliding there when adjusting the knot.
      > Getting into and out of the hammock, however, there invariably will be

      > some rubbing of rope on rope.
      > I prefer Hennessey's rope and tree hugger combination to a slap strap
      > a long rope of webbing. I've not weighed the two, but am sure the
      > rope-tree hugger combination is lighter.
      > So, for me it is a combination of function, weight, and care of
      > equipment. Tying knots with cold, tired hands are not a concern.
      > CL
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