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19019Re: [Hammock Camping] Using ascenders with a hammock

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Apr 23, 2008
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      I use two carabiners to link my tree huggers to my hammock rope. They
      are my compromise between weight and care of equipment. The reason is
      wear and tear on the tree huggers (and the rope). Tying my Hennessey
      Hammock following instructions, I notice the edges of the tree hugger
      loops were very quickly getting frayed (i.e. within the first 2-3 times
      of tying up). I also remembered a rock climbing rule--to never have
      rope on rope or metal on metal.

      I do thread the hammock rope through the Alpine Butterfly loop, but
      there is not much friction or sliding there when adjusting the knot.
      Getting into and out of the hammock, however, there invariably will be
      some rubbing of rope on rope.

      I prefer Hennessey's rope and tree hugger combination to a slap strap or
      a long rope of webbing. I've not weighed the two, but am sure the
      rope-tree hugger combination is lighter.

      So, for me it is a combination of function, weight, and care of
      equipment. Tying knots with cold, tired hands are not a concern.

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