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  • thomassen_ralph
    Apr 21, 2008
      Hey Rosaleen,
      For scouts to earn their Totin' Chip they have to be able to feed and
      care for axes, hatchets, saws, and, folding knives. The only thing I
      know that the scouts seriously frown on are fixed blade knives. The
      reason being is that they are harder to secure. Not knowing what type
      of trail improvement we will have to do we will most likely carry all
      3 items. Be Prepared right?? I was just tbrainstorming on a way to
      cut down weight. One of those kukri style machetes wood be nice. I
      have tried the woodsman pal and it is sweet!!
      Thanks Rosaleen!!
      > Hey, Ralph-
      > Before you make plans to have your Scouts carry hatchets, check
      the "Guide
      > to Safe Scouting" and instructions for using wood tools.
      (Was "Totenship" a
      > card kids earned?) It's been quite a few years, but I think it was
      > policy for my Scouts to use hatchets, and small axes had to be used
      > well-prescribed circumstances. We were encouraged to stick with
      saws, and
      > used a small axe or maybe a hatchet only for splitting wood using
      > "contact method." A (folding) Sven saw wasn't too bad to carry,
      > when weight could be divvied up. Maintainers that come upon seem
      to use
      > saws, and nippers quite a bit.
      > Rosaleen
      > (SNIP)
      > Has anyone experience with light weight shovels, bow saws, and/or
      > hatchets. We have to do a conservation/trail improvement project on
      > our 50 miles hike to earn the badge. This is not something a hiker
      > would normally carry, but we will have to tote it.
      > Ralph, Chandler, and Jared
      > Troop 14 Griffin, GA
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