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18991Re: Orange trash bags.

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  • Steve
    Apr 21 9:11 AM
      From a practical point of view, saws will be more effective than axes
      that are usually not sharp enough. Without proper training and
      maintenance, axes and machetes are more trouble than they're worth.
      Which is not to say that Scouts shouldn't be trained, and encouraged
      to use axes. It is my belief that a properly maintained and used
      hand axe is the only edged tool that you need in the woods. It'll do
      everything, including shave your face (if you sharpen it right) that
      you need. BUT, very few people maintain, or use these tools right.

      The Totin' Chip badge used to be required in my troop before you
      could take an axe, or even a pocket knife on a campout. Of course,
      this assumes the ScoutMaster or other instructor knows what he's
      doing in terms of sharpening, storing, carrying and using these
      potentially dangerous tools. And when to use them. Like not on
      standing trees, for instance. Even given training by real experts
      (one of my ScoutMasters was a lumberjack, with great respect for
      tools) I've got some scars on my hands that I got 45 years ago :)

      Do be careful. Err on the side of caution.

      Steve B.
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