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18989Re: [Hammock Camping] Orange trash bags.

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  • Tom Frazier
    Apr 21, 2008
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      I might not be your typical "camper", in terms of being in the woods. I'm very comfy there, considering I've spent about 15 years learning and practicing primitive survival skills (and have been runing the 'primitive' yahoo group for around 8 years now). I really don't need any equipment, as I carried only a swiss army knife and a mag. fire starter for many years before I started to collect "backpacking" gear.

      In the last five years, I've become more comfort oriented and explored (by using) the typical "backpacking" equipment (as opposed to heavier "car camping equipment). I used a frame pack (multi-use for me, since I can use it to haul out meat from sucessful hunts too) and most of the gear I'm still using. Now that I've discovered hammock camping, I've been able to literally shave pounds off my weight (from a camp-comfy 50 pounds to a current 14 pound UL weight) and I changed the kind of pack I'm using. It's a good middle ground for me so far.

      The places I like to camp at are very typically off the beaten path. I tend to get into an area as far as I can, park my vehicle, then seek out deer trails to follow into the field and brush. Where I'm at, I have about 100k acres of relatively unknown backcountry (meaning, only determined individuals go very far into it) to play around in.

      I usually do bring grocery bags with me (I have so many saved up!)...not necessarily for trash, but for things like dirty/sweaty clothes, to tie my shoes up for the night, etc. If I do have some trash, it's very, very little. I've been at this for over 15 years now and I still haven't had enough trash to fill more than just one typical grocery bag---and this is even when I've camped with my family (two kids and my wife) and my brother. I bring either freeze-dried camper MRE-style meals, or simple dehydrated meals that I have to prep. and cook myself.

      As to cutting down toothbrushes...I first read about that in Jardine's UL camping book, but thus far the only handle I've cut is the handle to my rubber spatula, simply because it didn't fit inside my MSR 2L Titan.

      I like this raincover precisely for it's multipurpose design. I personally don't use any gravity water filter system (I use a heavy, but longer lasting, MSR ceramic filter), but this will work great as a raincover for my pack in the spring and fall (the two times where the rain is nearly constant here), and as a gear hammock to store my stuff off the ground (I'm not happy about getting dirt or mud on my pack! Eventually, it goes on my back again!)...

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      Tothewoods has plans/info. on a raincover that can also be used as a tarp, a gear hammock, a rain collector, water bag, etc.
      http://www.tothewoo ds.net/HomemadeG earPackCoverGear Hammock.html
      Eliminates having to bring a limited-use (and easy to puncture) plastic bag.

      Tom, don't you carry garbage bags to remove your waste? Certainly, one can take along as much gear as you wish to carry, but pack weight is always an issue. I've seen people cut off half the handle of their toothbrush to save weight!
      In my opinion, nobody should take off for even a morning hike without a trash bag or two on their person. It's useful for trash collection, certainly, but in an emergency, we should all remember the usefulness of every basic item we carry for "non-traditional" purposes. If we think carefully about the multiple ways each item, we can reduce our pack weight considerably.Recent Activity
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