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  • Linda Ellis
    Apr 21, 2008
      Actually, finding orange trash bags will be easier around Halloween - they sell them with Jack-o-Lantern faces on them. You fill them with leaves, and voila! A Halloween decoration.

      I've been trying to find them in stores, but it seems they are mostly used by county highway departments. Around here, they send workers out to pick up trash along the highway, and the filled orange bags are left by the side of the road. A truck then comes along and picks up the bags. You can order orange trash bags online.

      The Truly Educated Never Graduate

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      I can't recall ever seeing orange trash bags. I think it would make
      collecting trash feel jsut like Trick or Treating. Ok, maybe not that
      fun, but it does feel good to clean up Mother Nature . Great idea
      though!!. I have just been stealing the ones my wife buys for around
      the house. I will look for them on my next WallyWorld trip.
      Thanks Linda.
      Has anyone experience with light weight shovels, bow saws, and/or
      hatchets. We have to do a conservation/ trail improvement project on
      our 50 miles hike to earn the badge. This is not something a hiker
      would normally carry, but we will have to tote it.
      Ralph, Chandler, and Jared
      Troop 14 Griffin, GA

      > Was it on this list that, a few months ago, we were talking about
      carrying bright orange trash bags along? Trash bags can serve many
      more purposes than just trash hauling. In a pinch, it can be a
      makeshift poncho or rainfly. It can protect gear from getting wet.
      You can use it to collect water, even making a solar still if need
      be. The bright orange ones can also be used to signal for help!
      > Don't you carry an emergency kit with you on every hike? I'd bet
      the Scouts are taught to do that. Adding an orange trash bag or two
      adds no weight, takes very little space, and helps resolve a number
      of little crises.
      > Linda
      > The Truly Educated Never Graduate
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      > >> But, I am not gonna always carry a garbage bag on every hike.
      > >
      > > Why not? I do. Actually a couple. :]
      > absolutely -- keep in mind they are light and very multi-purpose.
      > Mark
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