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18971Mid Tenn Hangout

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  • gospl4unme
    Apr 20, 2008
      Middle Tenn Hangout
      Hi gang, the Mid Tn Hangout is BACK ON for May 2nd-May 4th. Sorry for the confusion
      and time delay but when Neo asked for someone else to host it, I wasn't sure I was up to
      it. But anyway after thinking it through I decided to become the host for the Mid Tn
      Hangouts. I don't have very much experience compared to many of you but I'm learning
      and many hammock hangers with experience have been coming to these hangings so I
      think we will be alright. We will be having a couple of these each year one in the spring
      and one in the fall and maybe others if there is enough interest. These hangouts will be
      mostly to meet other hammock hangers and to share ideas and show each other the
      different equipment we all have. These will be really good hangouts for people new to
      hammocks to come and put faces to the names on the forum and to see and learn from
      those that have been hanging a while. While there will be some trails for hiking we will be
      hanging in a campground. There is a restroom (no showers), fire rings and water faucets.
      There are plenty of trees to hang from. Also there is no cost for camping. We will be
      having a group campfire both Friday and Saturday and a group cookout on Saturday night
      (I'm planning on fixing my popular Dutch Oven peach cobbler), followed by a night hike
      for those interested. Saturday we can do some hiking, kayaking, site seeing or just hang
      around the camp talking hammocking. Let us know what kinds of things you want to do as
      some planning is required. The location is the Meriwether Lewis Campground on the
      Natchez Trace Parkway. Here is some links to help find out more about it.

      map of area


      General location is about 90 mile southwest of Nashville Tennessee. Over the next couple
      of weeks I'll be mentioning it some more to keep it on everyones mind. Make plans now to
      attend and if you have any questions feel free to ask. By the way Neo and his boys are
      planning on being there How about you? tnhillbilly (gospl4unme)
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      way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes
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