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18970Re: [Hammock Camping] A lot to learn!!!

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  • thomassen_ralph
    Apr 20, 2008
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      > A good source for straps are the motorcycle tie downs. I wouldn't
      > trust the tightners and I would remove most of the hooks, but the
      straps are
      > designed for weight, and are available everywhere.

      > I did not even think about that, I have 3 sets in the garage that
      have busted tightners. I do cable work, so I use them fasten ladders
      atop the van. So, that will be my plan, tie off the hammock with the
      mule tape, then have the tie downs around the tree. I wil have to work
      with the ties downs and see if it will take a sheetbend. I know there
      are other preffered knots, but thescouts ahve to have that one down pat!

      Thanks Ralph.

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