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18962Re: [Hammock Camping] A lot to learn!!!

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  • thomassen_ralph
    Apr 19, 2008
      Hey Mark,
      I can see the the straps on the Speer hammock would be alot easier on
      the tree, and reduce the chance of a rope slipping dramatically. I
      have seen some materials like that at the hardware store. I will
      check that out to see if its strong enough. As far as bugs go, I
      think its gonna be Deet all the way. One of the reasons I was looking
      at hammocks for hiking is the fact I have trouble sleeping if I feel
      closed in. So a bivy sac, or small backpacking tent is out. I like
      how open they feel. That being said we are canoeing down the Altamaha
      or Suwannee river later this year. Being way in the swamp, I may need
      to rethink shelter. I tihnk I may try to make something like the
      hammock sock for our hammocks.

      Ralph, Chandler, and Jared
      Troop 14 Griffin Ga

      > Yep -- a hammock is the only way to sleep when you're in a wooded
      > You've already handled the cool weather -- remember that a sleeping
      > bag will be crushed to nothingness beneath you. The next thing to
      > consider is damage to the trees. If you were using a rope around the
      > tree, you might consider a flat strap instead. A round rope
      > concentrates the pressure onto a single point (line?) around the
      > A strap will distribute the pressure over a larger area. Hennessey
      > calls their arrangement 'tree huggers', others use a loosely braided
      > rope the flattens out around the tree trunk. Speer hammocks don't
      > any rope just the strapping. Some good pictures are at:
      > <http://www.speerhammocks.com/Products/Hammock.htm>
      > Once you get the straps figured out, there is insect protection,
      > protection from the weather ...
      > Lots of fun!
      > Mark
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