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  • Debbie Vorndran
    Apr 8 8:58 PM
      I sleep in my Brazilian style hammock at home pretty much every night.
      I'm allergic to the dust mites that love to multiply in mattresses,
      especially in the humidity here in Florida. The Chiropracter says its
      better for your back too. I sleep better in my hammock, so now I
      rarely sleep in the bed. And I stay cooler, without cranking the AC,
      because the hammock breathes. And unlike a mattress, I just throw the
      whole thing in the washer regularly. In the morning, I hang it up in
      the closet, with my down comforter still tucked inside.

      On really cold nights, I have a wool mattress pad that I put under me,
      and I wrap up in my down comforter. And I wear a hat. That keeps me so
      toasty that I like to stick my feet out to cool off a little. (OK, so I
      consider 45 degrees really cold for Florida. But consider that a lot of
      the older houses here don't have heaters, so 45 outside means 45 inside.)

      I have no trouble curling up on my side. The hammock holds my curves
      more comfortably on my side than a regular bed does. Especially my
      waist. Its easy on my knees and my back.

      If you sleep diagonally in the hammock, you'll be lying very level - not
      with your feet and head up high. When I bend my knees like that, on my
      back, the hammock actually helps support my knees - hugging them - as if
      I had a pillow stuffed under them on a regular mattress. I guess that
      the sleeping pads maybe aren't big enough to allow you to sleep
      diagonally. Maybe you could put the sleeping pad diagonally?

      I only raise my head up when my allergies are acting up. Mostly I sleep
      diagonally. And always with a small neck roll.

      My son likes to let one of his legs dangle over the side

      The only sleeping position that I find uncomfortable after awhile is on
      my stomach.

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