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18926Re: [Hammock Camping] Claytor hammocks

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  • Tom Frazier
    Apr 8, 2008
      I had purchased a a $30 Byer hammock...was comfy, but was too short for me. My head and feet kept falling off the edges of the hammock and onto the netting. Main reason for this trouble is that the hammock wasn't long enough.

      Then I got my claytor in the mail. It's so much longer (nearly 10 feet, compared to the nearly, but not quite, 7 foot Byer) so you can actually stretch out more and lay flatter without your head or your feet hanging off the edge. Length really is key here.

      It has a lot of great features in a hammock that should be selling for a lot more (if we compare it to other commercial hammocks on the market). Nearly everything is double reinforced. There were a few loose threads that I had to take a lighter too, but nothing that compromised its stitching strength that I could notice.

      The tarp that comes with it may leave you desiring more, though. I purchased a speer winter tarp (www.speerhammocks.com) to use with my claytor for better coverage to protect from wind, rain, and 'peepers' better.

      Since there's a pocket to put a pad in (making this hammock a double layered hammock) I used that to help me stay warm this past weekend in the mountains. It only got around 34 deg. F., but with a pad and down bag combo I was able to keep toasty. Though, I am envious of folks who own an underquilt. I think if I had one of these, I wouldn't have suffered cold sides every once in awhile (every hammock will suffer this problem...so no biggie, I used hand/foot warmers for extra heat boost).

      If you don't want to actually make your own hammock [yet], like myself, I think that this hammock is a good compromise. It's very affordable (even though he's been raising the price about $10 every year) and has all the basic features anyone could want in a camping hammock, including it being in camo.


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      Those of you that own the Claytor Jungle or Expedition hammock:
      I am thinking about buying one and I want to know what you guys think. Are they worth
      buying? Are they nice to sleep in?



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