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18909Re: [Hammock Camping] Pros and Cons

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  • david ball
    Apr 7, 2008
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      I too am totally new to this whole thing, however; I am more excited than a deer tick in a blood bank about it. I do a lot of canoe camping, hosting groups for 3-10 days of 8-12 people. I am always limited by tent spaces as we go down the river. I think hanging will help eliminate some of that, as my space can now be used by guests.

      As I have been investigating, the major drawback for me is my inability to cuddle up with my significant other. We are going to get two hammocks to hang our heads close and get a large rectangular tarp. I get my quarterly bonus Friday and will be ordering a Claytor JH and a Claytor Expedition with the large rectangular rain fly.

      Canoeing, ultra light is not a concern. Even with this "heavier" arrangement our combined weight is less than the Timberline we were using on the ground. We are very excited about hanging and will be headed to Northern Lower Michigan for a 4 day trip on Mother's Day weekend. In the meantime, I wll get some practice at home. Keep the feedback coming, you all and the Hammock Forum have been very helpful to this newbie.


      aka: Canoebie

      ginohav <ginohav@...> wrote:
      Hi,I'm new to this group and love backpacking and stealth camping and
      I've heard all the pros about hammock camping, but what about the cons?
      I've read some people on other sites are worried about bears and flying
      bugs eating you alive in a hammock. I'm thinking of purchasing a clark
      hammock as I don't have the time now for a DIY hammock. Every form of
      camping has it's pro's and con's, lets hear the con's. By the way I've
      had bears come right up to our tent look around then leave, so what's
      the problem others have had or think they might have in a hammock?

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