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  • David Ball
    Mar 24, 2008
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      Thanks Rick, that is helpful. Now, and again bear (oh no, not bears!) with my newness, I have looked at Hennesey (sp?) brand. Others I should consider? I sure appreciate the input from y'all rather than the input from the school of hard knocks. Been to that class way too often.


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      From: Rick
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      Hi David,

      Two hammocks set up so that the head end of each hammock is tied to the
      same tree and the feet are spread by 5-8 feet works out nicely. That
      way sweet nothings can be whispered and the two are within touch
      distance. I have also set up two hammocks using two wide trees with the
      hammocks tied so that the ends are at the width of the tree. I suppose
      that it would be possible to lash a cross brace on two trees, though I
      have not tried that.


      David Ball wrote:
      > Howdy folks,
      > My wife and I have been guiding on the Manistee River in Northern
      > Lower Michigan for 15 years on canoe camping trips of 3 to 10 days.
      > Youth groups, adult groups, church groups, father son, father
      > daughter, women's trips, etc. etc. We love to go alone a couple of
      > times a year to remind us of why we do it. We are intrigued with the
      > idea of hammocks for a number of reasons. When we go alone, we enjoy
      > going minimalist and taking as much a LNT approach as we can.
      > Thus the hammock idea seems appealing. I am big, 6'2" 250 and my
      > wife is about 5'4" and 120 (least I think, I never ask). While she
      > likes the whole hammock idea, she does not like the idea of sleeping
      > seperately. Any ideas? Looking forward to hearing more and as time
      > goes on, looking forward to contributing.
      > David Ball
      > aka: canoebie
      > http://www.riverjourneys.org
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