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18879the ideal hammock sleeping bag????????

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  • Blake Robert
    Mar 24, 2008
      I think that the ideal sleeping bag for use in
      hammocks would be along the lines of the Big Agnes
      series-with a sleeve for pads on the bottom---with no
      insulation on the bottom that you do not insert
      yourself---exc. with a top zipper so that one does not
      have the side of the hammock pressing in on the zipper
      making it hard to open or close. Perhaps, with side
      sleeves at the shoulders and in the hip area??? I
      emailed Big Agnes to ask about top zippers---here is
      what they said: (perhaps if more hammock campers
      contacted sleeping bag companies-they would consider
      sleeping bags specifically made for hammock

      Hi Robert. The Encampment only comes with the zipper
      on the side. We have a lot of hammock users that are
      huge BA fans though so I think the Encampment is still
      an excellent choice for you.


      Chris Tamucci

      Big Agnes

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      Regarding: sleeping bag


      Your Encampment sleeping bag seems ideal for what I
      want exc. that with the side zipper-it makes it very
      hard to zip or unzip when camping in a hammock with
      the sides pressing in on the zipper. Is this hammock
      available with a top zipper?????

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