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  • David Ball
    Mar 23, 2008
      Howdy folks,

      My wife and I have been guiding on the Manistee River in Northern
      Lower Michigan for 15 years on canoe camping trips of 3 to 10 days.
      Youth groups, adult groups, church groups, father son, father
      daughter, women's trips, etc. etc. We love to go alone a couple of
      times a year to remind us of why we do it. We are intrigued with the
      idea of hammocks for a number of reasons. When we go alone, we enjoy
      going minimalist and taking as much a LNT approach as we can.

      Thus the hammock idea seems appealing. I am big, 6'2" 250 and my
      wife is about 5'4" and 120 (least I think, I never ask). While she
      likes the whole hammock idea, she does not like the idea of sleeping
      seperately. Any ideas? Looking forward to hearing more and as time
      goes on, looking forward to contributing.

      David Ball

      aka: canoebie

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