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18870Re: [Hammock Camping] How High do you hang your hammock?

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  • Rick
    Mar 18, 2008
      I used to do a lot of tent camping. The problem was that I did not much
      like the idea of walking all day and then finding out that there were no
      spots that I could comfortably set up a tent. Either I had to worry
      about the tent flooding, or rocks that I had to sleep around, or
      something that would have me sliding out of the tent.

      Then I went through a period of camping in a pop-up camper. It was
      really nice to pull into those campgrounds and know that I would be
      sleeping in my little cabin in the woods. I knew what the bed would
      feel like and that I would get a good night's sleep, even if it started
      raining hard.

      What I like most about hammock camping is that secure feeling at the end
      of the day. In the eastern woods, I know I will find trees that I can
      hang a hammock from. Even if the ground is sloped, or rocky, or rooty,
      and even if it rains so that there is an inch of water on the ground, I
      will sleep without a care all night. The hammock will feel the same
      every night and get me right to sleep.

      I have pulled into campsites on the AT with the shelter full and every
      reasonable tent site full. I have never had a problem setting up a
      hammock. I have never had an animal bother me in a hammock - not a
      squirrel, or a mouse, or a raccoon or a bear. I have been bothered by
      lots of mice in shelters. I've probably slept in 40 AT shelters over the
      last few years and maybe spent 150 nights in hammocks, to put my lack of
      problems into perspective.

      The reason I sleep in the hammock is not to avoid critters. It is to be
      comfortable in the woods. It is to be able to carry a shelter on my back
      that does not break my back.

      NB - I just spent a year's worth of camping on the ground (30 nights or
      so) in a tarp tent or a tipi. It has been interesting going back to the
      ground. There are good reasons to be able to do so - especially in Texas
      hill country state parks where hammock trees are harder to find than
      flat ground. But after a year, I have decided to go back into the trees
      when I can. I need to sleep better.


      debswebworks wrote:
      > I'll just remind my son - no cookies in bed! :-)
      > But really, in a tent, you get in, you zip it shut, and the kritters
      > don't crawl over you while you sleep...
      > OK, now I can also picture mice or rats - or squirrels maybe even,
      > climbing down the ropes, and crawling into bed with you - even if you
      > hang it up way high, and manage to find a way to climb in....
      > Sleeping out in the open air sounds great, but I'm starting to wonder
      > if it sounds better than it would really be...
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