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18850Re: [Hammock Camping] State Park Hanging Rules

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  • tim garner
    Mar 1, 2008
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      well said... & we are special by the way<G>.

      pure mahem <pure_mahem@...> wrote:
      Post it in the rules like everything else! Not special! Using a specified tree hugger device to hang! Already said this stuff. No ropes! No lag screws or items that damage trees. State the use of an Adequate size strap must be used to secure your hamock in a nondamaging way. Shown on one of the wonderful signs with pictures or illustrations they love to plunk down every where, Not that hard realy. If they can post No Hanging then they can post the correct way to hang. Seriously they put one of those Zebra mollusk and water parasite signs at every water launch, not much difference. Most of the parks do make money off people camping there. From what I've seen people that hammock using tree huggers usually leave no trace wouldn't you want those type of people in your park. Granted there are exceptions. Like everything else if your doing it wrong they will find you! Same as they would find you if you were hanging in a no hanging zone period. Honestly these
      people are educated about the law they are not blooming idiots. If some one shows them what a tree hugger looks like you can spot if someone is using them or not long before you would even get to the hang site. Which they would be coming up on anyway to see if your doing any illegal burning, or site modification.

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      > How do they tell "everyone else" that you are special and just
      > because they see other people hanging stuff off trees with the
      > approval of park staff doesn't mean they can do it too.

      pure mahem top posted:
      > They should be able to tell the same way most hammockers can tell.

      The part you avoided is the key part. How do park staff tell everyone
      else that you're special?


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