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18845Re: [Hammock Camping] State Park Hanging Rules

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  • pure mahem
    Mar 1, 2008
      I got the point of the snails! Guess I'm glad I don't have to worry about that up here in the North Woods, all we got is some common moss, less bugs, more trees than you can shake a stick at, no snakes, and beautiful mountains! This will always be my home. I think it's important to take into consideration that not everyone can understand local regional concerns as not everyone lives in that area. Up here the eye hook or sawing action of ropes on the trees would be the only reason you wouldn't be allowed to hang a hammock. Nobody said anything about no endangered snails in the origninal post. And as it has been mentioned a lot about no hanging in Florida I don't recall anyone posting about no snails until they just pointed it out recently. So I was just trying to help with a suggestion not knowing about the snails. Take a chill pill!

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      Did you miss the point that they are not protecting just trees?

      Moss, snails, ground cover, flora, fauna, insects, animals, and various
      environmental elements need protection.

      Also, don't forget that most hangers/campers/ packers do not use their
      equipment properly. As well, many feel entitled if they see others
      doing what they want to do.

      Why further burden overworked and underpaid Park personnel?

      --- tim garner <slowhike@yahoo. com> wrote:


      > i think what would really be better would be that park managers
      > take the time to look at what will really harm the trees rather than
      > throw a blanket over any use of trees.
      > that's kind of a "cop out"<G>. ...tim

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