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18838Re: [Hammock Camping] State Park Hanging Rules

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  • Arye P. R.
    Feb 28, 2008
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      The problem is not everyone is as knowledgable and responsable as us. Others would leave string and ropes tied to trees and attach screws and all other things to the trees for any purpose. They do not know the outer layers of a tree are the 'living parts'. Bark is a tree's armor and protects the tree from outside attacks. When the bark is gone even in a small area there is a problem. It is like the human skin. BTW - There is a process called girdling a tree to kill it.

      While one hammock may not do any harm over a short time there are only so many trees sutable for hammock hanging in well traveled areas and those trees will be used over and over again and will suffer injury.
      Hummm... I can see it now the homeless with hammocks lounging in the state parks of states with warmer .

      I see the 'tree hanging' regulations as kinda like motorcycle helmet laws or left turn on red laws. A lot don't know of them, are suprised to hear of them and do not understand why.

      wait I can see a new product line... State approved hammock hanging belts...

      Sapere Aude,

      My 50 cents (2 cents adjusted for inflation)

      Arye P. Rubenstein

      Imagination is more important than knowledge...
      It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.

      Albert Einstein

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