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18834Re: [Hammock Camping] State Park Hanging Rules

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  • Tod Massa
    Feb 28, 2008
      All these states have official websites for the state parks. Often they will have general regulations or FAQs that address the question. In Virginia these are found at: http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state_parks/faq.shtml . There is no general prohibition against hanging or tying to trees. There is a request to avoid permanent damage to trees specific to no nails (or screws) or lanterns in trees.


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      I think a lot of the no hammock things in state parks is eminating from the thought that you are going to screw a huge eye hook into the tree. I think if they see you are using straps to protect the trees you'll be fine. Maybe some well written letters to the representatives can get the wording changed in the laws so we won't get hastled all the time. JMO!!!

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      i've used a couple state parks in NC & VA. as far as i can gather, there's not a set policy against using hammocks in those state parks. it mainly has to do w/ the rangers that are present at the time.
      i would hope that you would be fine in most cases (in those states) but i could make no guarantees. i would have a nice thick air mat ready in case i was told i couldn't hang from the trees in a campground.
      there would also be a chance (especially on a busy weekend) that you couldn't get a site w/ decent trees for hanging.
      and i've decided that instead of asking, it better to go ahead & hang, using straps that protect the tree of course. JMHO ...tim

      eglonwv <eglonwv@yahoo. com> wrote:
      I am planning a biking/camping tour of several states starting in
      April. I know the FL state parks don't like me hanging my HH.

      How are the rules for hanging in the state parks of AL, GA, MS, TN, NC
      and VA?


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