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  • Billy Chard
    Feb 15, 2008
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      Thanks for touching base with me about that Tim. I have enjoyed the
      information that I have gleened from this website,
      Most ppl here I have noticed use square or diamond shaped tarps? Is that
      correct? What does that give you? I mean what benefits do you get form
      that shape that I wont get from the ENO fly


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      Billy Chard <bc100s@... <mailto:bc100s%40aol.com> > wrote: It seems
      that this is a none ENO product friendly crowd.. I have used
      them for the past 3 years. My best friend his dad and I havent run in
      to issues that the last 2 ppl have posted about. I guess it's a matter
      of personal experience.

      As the say
      To each there own


      no, i like the ENO hammocks just fine. it's just that particular tarp
      that i'm not so crazy about.
      i'm afraid that if you get caught in a blowing rain, you may run into
      problems with it too. but i hope not. ...tim

      don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!!!

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