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18758Re: [Hammock Camping] Is there room to store my backpack inside with me?

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Feb 9, 2008
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      Hi Adam,

      I have a Hennessey Backpacker utralight a-sym--slightly smaller than the
      Explorer. I'm 5'3", but about your weight. I've learned that I really
      don't like to have anything else in the hammock with me. Sometimes,
      even the quilt is a hassle (which is why I almost immediately went for
      an underquilt). Things hooked on the ridgeline tend to slide down and
      bonk me on the head (and yes, I do know about and use the loops on the
      ends of the ridge lines).

      I also had one case where I had something hooked to my ridgeline with
      webbing. This created enough of an opening in the velcro to let in a
      large cricket. Let me tell you, I really do not have enough room inside
      my hammock for a cricket!

      As for knowing when something touches your hammock? You will definitely
      feel the slightest thing: acorns falling, birds landing and taking off,
      people tripping over your fly lines.


      Adam Woznicki wrote:
      > Is there room to store my backpack inside with me?
      > Mainly I'm worried about something getting stolen, and
      > I don't like the idea of hanging my bag outside while
      > sleeping.
      > I don't know if there's something to attach it to, in
      > order to keep it from sliding to the middle of the
      > hammock. But I don't think that would be a problem, i
      > could just sew a loop at the end.
      > The main question is the hammock big enough to
      > accommodate a bag and me?
      > I'm 6'2" 185 lbs
      > My backpack is 22"x14"x9"
      > The hammocks I'm looking at are:
      > Hennessy Explorer Ultralite A-sym
      > Clark-North American
      > Clark-Tropical
      > Thanks---Adam
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