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18750Re: [Hammock Camping] Which hammock and bag for cold and warm weather?

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  • ian toal
    Feb 6, 2008
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      Hi Adam,

      First off, enjoy you travels and if you can, share a few stories with us about where you go. I've always loved hearing about other people traveling.

      As far as hammocks go, I have a Clark NA and have used it in both winter and summer camping. I've been down to 5 degrees F and up to the mid 70's and have found it to be very versatile and comfortable.

      In colder environments you will want a pad or CCF underneath you but the pockets on the Clark are very useful for adding an extra layer of protection from wind and cold. They are also great for storing gear and keeping mosquitoes away. I've found that it is better to have a bag rated for the coldest you expect to be in, so a 15 degree bag may be a good choice. From my days of ground camping, it really is tough to be cold all night. I've also found the Clark to be a comfortable seat when I'm cooking in the winter or making some tea before bed.

      I've found that being off the ground removes a huge source of heat loss, as long as you block the wind at the temps you'll be in I think you'll find a hammock much warmer than a tent and I've slept in both in the winter.

      As far as going with the Clark tropical, I am working on a fleece and survival blanket set up that I am hoping to test this month. If it works I'll post it on the group site. I'm sure that something can be set up but keep in mind the extra size a weight of anything you make.

      Thanks for asking,


      blueduck600 <blueduck600@...> wrote: Hi everyone,

      I'm looking for advice on what hammock to buy, and what temp sleeping
      bag to use.

      I'm new at this hammock camping thing and camping in general really.
      The only camping I've done is campground camping, with showers,
      toilets, and running water, aka "not real camping."

      My goal is be able to hop on a plane and go camp in whatever part of
      the americas I happen to feel like, preferably out of earshot of any
      car traffic, and drunk campers. And I'm going to do it out of a single
      FAA approved carryon bag.(a MEI Trekker 1)

      I'm buying a camping hammock because frankly, there's no way my back
      can handle more than one night sleeping on the ground.

      At this point the coldest I think I'll ever camp in is 15F (night temp).

      How much warmer does the hammock keep you? Does the cold bottom negate
      the warmer inside?

      If I use a pad and a 30F bag, will that be enough? a 20F bag?

      The hammocks I'm looking at are:

      Hennessy Explorer Ultralite A-sym with the Supershelter System
      Clark-North American
      Clark-Tropical (for the lighter weight, and maybe I can make something
      to keep the bottom warm in winter.)

      I'm leaning toward the Clark-North American because of the more
      adjustable bug screen and rain guard(for warmth)

      If there are any other 4 season hammocks out there let me know. I'm
      not claustrophobic but, those PeaPod type things seem a bit much.

      I'm 6'2" 185 lbs. Located in Northeast Ohio.

      Does anyone know a hammock dealer around Cleveland?


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