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18749Re: [Hammock Camping] Which hammock and bag for cold and warm weather?

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  • eilismaura@aol.com
    Feb 6, 2008
      As much as I am looking forward to trying hammock camping I have to admit
      that sleeping on the floor/ground has been good for my back (as with anything -
      it depends on what is the problem - I have multiple herniations).

      I am interested in some of the answers - the end of the month I am going
      'cabin camping' with our Boy Scout troop - and as the only woman scheduled to go I
      may literally end up out in the cold to be compliant with youth protection

      Ohh - I do have a suggestion - think tyvek as a light weight addition for
      keeping warm - I used some this past November to supplement gear I had and I LOVE

      In a message dated 2/6/08 10:08:40 PM, blueduck600@... writes:

      > I'm buying a camping hammock because frankly, there's no way my back
      > can handle more than one night sleeping on the ground.

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