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18743Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Superstitions hike anyone???????

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  • Blake Robert
    Feb 6, 2008
      Thanks for the input MS Bridgman, Jamie, and billybob

      To MS Bridgman---use a search engine and the name "Ron
      Bridgman" and UAAC as your search terms. Strange that
      there is so little online about a person who saved the
      National Speleogical Society from fading away. But,
      that was over 40 years ago.

      It is a small world online. One book I sold on
      amazon.com went to someone named Butterbaugh. My
      father's best naval aviation friend was Johnny
      Butterbaugh---a fellow chief at the end of the war who
      accepted a "promotion" to ensign after the war when
      enlisted pilots started to be phased out. The
      Butterbaugh who bought the book claims all
      Butterbaughs are related.

      Another book I sold went to a professor in California
      named Lougee. One of our hikers is named Lougee. As it
      turns out---all Lougees are descended from Huguenots
      who fled France after the St. Bartholomew's Day
      Massacre-settled on the Isle of Jersey for a few
      generations (where my ancestors lived) then came to
      America in the 1600's.

      Jamie: the one place I have never been (besides the
      Frog Tank Trail) is Reed's Water on Coffee Flat Trail
      past Dripping Spring. I would like to camp there the
      night before I go to Peralta Trailhead to meet the
      rest of the group and replenish supplies. If I found
      the area unsuitable for hammock camping---I was going
      to retreat back to the Dripping Spring area. I know
      there are nice trees in the Red Tank area. I spent a
      lot of time here when I was updating ARIZONA TRAILS by
      David Mazel into SOUTHERN ARIZONA TRAILS by both of
      us. If you think backpacking is enjoyable---try tax
      deductible backpacking.

      Can you tell me is Reed's Water is suitable for
      hammock camping, please????

      billybob---your neighborhood around Chesire is one of
      my favorite areas for yardsales----I even bought a Red
      Chinese twin lens reflex there for $7. The seller
      thought no one would know what it was. When I picked
      it up---looked at the Chinese characters, and asked,
      "Is this a Chinese Seagull TLR????" she looked dizzy!

      Can you tell me if those two streets in your old
      neighborhood, Eddy St. and Nelson St. are named after
      Nelson Eddy---the movie star????

      After passing Reavis Ranch you get into nice
      ponderosa-but, they are singed a bit.

      Next fall I hope to hike to Reavis when the old
      orchard is producing ripe fruit to supplement what I
      can carry in and extend my stay!!!!!


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