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18737[Hammock Camping] Re: Hammock Stands

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  • Bill Keiser
    Feb 6, 2008
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      > . . . My biggest challenge is to find stakes
      > worthy of staying in the ground, or not breaking.
      > scott

      see my diagram i posted a while back:
      (sharpstick photo folder if the link doesn't work)
      i thought i invented this setup but ralph pointed out that this is
      how circus tents are staked.
      i live in florida where we have a lot of loose sand. this basically
      uses a long primary stake that is itself guyed down from the top to a
      shorter one. this keeps the main stake from rotating and pulling
      straight out of the ground. (i use it a lot for large tarps that might
      have a lot of force on them, although i prefer to have small lines
      that will break before the tarp fails.)
      i think this system with a spiral dog stake as the secondary stake
      might hold up a hammock.
      btw, has anyone used single support poles with double guylines to
      hold up a hammock? it would be lighter carrying a single pole, but
      might be a bit unstable before your weight stabilizes it. a light line
      between the tops of the poles should apply enough tension on it to
      keep it in place.

      also see these threads:
      billy sharpstick
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