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  • Dar
    Feb 5, 2008
      Shorter Ridgepole Pipes

      If your supply store has 6' long pipe, you can easily exchange the
      ridgepole parts A) and B) with two 6' pipe lengths and thus eliminate
      the hassle of the 10' long pipe in the ridgepole described above.
      Likewise, you could make the uprights (part C) with 6' lengths instead
      of the 5' lengths used above--this would make the stand a bit over 6'
      high, allowing the rain canopy to be positioned even higher for a
      stand-up shelter!

      --- hacktorious <scottm@...> wrote:


      > Also, in regards to the pipe hammock:
      > http://www.hammockcamping.com/Free%20Reports/HomeMade%20Stand.htm
      > I notice there is a 10' pole to be used on the top (ridge pole). Is
      > it possible to use several sections of pipe threaded together instead
      > of a single length of pipe? It would be much easier to transport in
      > my Honda Civic

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