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18726Re: Superstitions hike anyone???????

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  • billybob38801
    Feb 2, 2008
      Wow, Robert, I wish I was there, I'd go for sure. I used to live in
      Flagstaff ( 2 years 83-85, on Roberta street I think it was) and in
      Phoenix in the early 70s. Flagstaff is where I learned to love
      backpacking, but I never had the pleasure of hammocking there. I think
      it would be a rush to sleep hanging from Aspens or Ponderosa pines
      along the Mogollon Rim! I miss it! I didn't realize there were places
      in the Superstitions with lots of trees, but I'm sure there would be
      at appropriate elevations. Sounds like you are going to have fun!

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Blake Robert <xflagstaff9@...>
      > The Flagstaff Hiking Club Superstitions hike is given
      > below:
      > Superstition Wilderness Backpack
      > When: Feb 16–18 2008
      > Description: Moderate 4-6 mi./day $15 gas (from
      > Flagstaff) From the Peralta Trailhead, we will hike
      > along the Dutchman's Trail over Miners Summit to
      > Whiskey Spring the first night (where there should be
      > water), a distance of about 5.5 miles, and then on to
      > Bluff Spring (more water) by way of the Red Tanks
      > Trail for the second night. Trip is limited to 15
      > people. Contact the leader, Jean Wilcox
      > (779-6647;526-2020;jwilcox@...) for
      > details.
      > I had planned to do something more ambitious-hike
      > from the north end of the Superstitions via the Reavis
      > Ranch Trail 9.3 miles to Reavis Ranch area and
      > camp-lots of trees. Then hike 10.3 miles via Rogers
      > Trough to Angel Basin for one of the most pleasant
      > camping areas in the range-lots of trees. Then to
      > Coffee Flat Trail area and camp at Dripping Spring or
      > at Reed's water. Then, on to Peralta Trailhead to meet
      > the group and replenish supplies from their cars and
      > join them as above. After their loop-replenish at
      > Peralta TH again and reverse the approach---exc.,
      > maybe, go up Frog Tanks Trail to Reavis Ranch Trail
      > instead of via Rogers Trough.
      > The Reavis Ranch area will involve camping at about
      > 4,860 feet elevation. All the rest will be at lower
      > elevation and, probably, not as cold. There has been
      > lots of precipitation recently-so, probably good
      > water.
      > I will be camping in a Hennessy Hammock with no bug
      > net so I can sit up in the sleeping bag to
      > unzip---unless I find time to dig to the back of the
      > storage unit and get a 35 year old top zipper REI down
      > bag. I may carry a 1966 Vietnam issue hammock as a
      > Taco for use to hold airbags---though, I do not
      > understand how air matresses make you cold in winter
      > camping on the ground while airbags make you warm when
      > they are between two hammocks.
      > As always happens-when you ask people many weeks in
      > advance there are many who want to go. As the hike
      > date approaches---one by one they drop out.
      > If anyone wants to join me in the more ambitious
      > hike-please let me know. Robt. Blake
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