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18723Superstitions hike anyone???????

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  • Blake Robert
    Feb 1, 2008
      The Flagstaff Hiking Club Superstitions hike is given

      Superstition Wilderness Backpack

      When: Feb 16–18 2008

      Description: Moderate 4-6 mi./day $15 gas (from
      Flagstaff) From the Peralta Trailhead, we will hike
      along the Dutchman's Trail over Miners Summit to
      Whiskey Spring the first night (where there should be
      water), a distance of about 5.5 miles, and then on to
      Bluff Spring (more water) by way of the Red Tanks
      Trail for the second night. Trip is limited to 15
      people. Contact the leader, Jean Wilcox
      (779-6647;526-2020;jwilcox@...) for

      I had planned to do something more ambitious-hike
      from the north end of the Superstitions via the Reavis
      Ranch Trail 9.3 miles to Reavis Ranch area and
      camp-lots of trees. Then hike 10.3 miles via Rogers
      Trough to Angel Basin for one of the most pleasant
      camping areas in the range-lots of trees. Then to
      Coffee Flat Trail area and camp at Dripping Spring or
      at Reed's water. Then, on to Peralta Trailhead to meet
      the group and replenish supplies from their cars and
      join them as above. After their loop-replenish at
      Peralta TH again and reverse the approach---exc.,
      maybe, go up Frog Tanks Trail to Reavis Ranch Trail
      instead of via Rogers Trough.

      The Reavis Ranch area will involve camping at about
      4,860 feet elevation. All the rest will be at lower
      elevation and, probably, not as cold. There has been
      lots of precipitation recently-so, probably good

      I will be camping in a Hennessy Hammock with no bug
      net so I can sit up in the sleeping bag to
      unzip---unless I find time to dig to the back of the
      storage unit and get a 35 year old top zipper REI down
      bag. I may carry a 1966 Vietnam issue hammock as a
      Taco for use to hold airbags---though, I do not
      understand how air matresses make you cold in winter
      camping on the ground while airbags make you warm when
      they are between two hammocks.

      As always happens-when you ask people many weeks in
      advance there are many who want to go. As the hike
      date approaches---one by one they drop out.

      If anyone wants to join me in the more ambitious
      hike-please let me know. Robt. Blake

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