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18714Fuzzy OOP - sorta

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Jan 26, 2008

      Wow! I'm so sorry to hear this, and you do have my sympathies. Hubby has
      now been working for a year as a temp after 5 years of various
      self-employments and only rarely making a profit. Now both his job and mine
      are talking layoffs for next year. *If* the housing market picked up, we
      could sell our house and move to a less expensive area to retire, then coast
      until we are of age to collect Social Security and pensions. At least our
      kids are adults and responsible for their own needs/bills. You have 3
      teenage boys to feed. (OUCH!) Sometimes it is good to be a few years older
      than friends...

      Best of Luck!


      Fuzzy OOP - sorta
      Posted by: "Chuck Kime" chuck_kime@... f_u_z_z_e_e
      Date: Fri Jan 25, 2008 10:31 am ((PST))

      All, this is cross-posted, so forgive the parts not germaine to you...

      I was informed yesterday that today is my last day of employment with
      the company I've worked for for almost 10 years. ...

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