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18647Re: [Hammock Camping] Love my Trek-Light so much it's now everyday furniture

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Jan 16, 2008
      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the concern and warning.

      I'm not hanging from the door hinges--at least not like any you're
      likely to see in the USA. I'm hanging from the door frame (steel) and
      from a piece of wood. For this wood, the door hinge (cheap aluminum)
      and frame (cheap plastic) are only a small part of the support. The
      real reason why it works is because the wood is blocked from coming out
      of the bathroom by the cement frame around the door.

      I've been sleeping suspended this way about two months, now. Hanging
      angle is 45-50*.

      One of these days, we'll borrow a drill and, for the wood end but
      probably not for the steel door end, work out an upgrade based on
      Gerzon's recommendation (posted sometime in September 2007): inserting a
      8X40 mm plug into our concrete wall.


      tim garner wrote:
      > cara, you must have some really sturdy door hinges<g>.
      > but for most i've seen, i'd stay away from using door hinges. it may work on some door hinges, & it may work for a while on others, but some door hinges may rip right off.
      > that's asking a lot from most common door hinges.
      > i've seen examples of hammocks pulling large eye screws out of 2x4s & even breaking door frames. there's a lot of force pulling on the end of an occupied hammock. ...tim
      > Cara Lin Bridgman <caralinb@...> wrote:
      > I have a travel hammock (looks a lot like a trek-light) that we hang in
      > our room.
      > The main door is a steel frame with tabs extending out through which to
      > place pins to hold the door in place. There are tabs on left and right,
      > but our door only needs the left one, so there's a loop through the
      > right hinge and the hammock ropes go clip onto it via a biner.
      > The other half of the solution is a bit hard on the bathroom door
      > hinges, but it works! I've a 1 inch by 1 inch by 6 foot piece of wood
      > that fits between the wall and the hinges inside the bathroom. The
      > other end of the hammock clips into the loop of rope around the wood.
      > This arrangement is surprisingly solid. There are times when it's held
      > both me and my husband (a cumulative weight of about 350 pounds).
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