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18645Re: [Hammock Camping] Love my Trek-Light so much it's now everyday furniture

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Jan 15, 2008

      Congratulations on the make-over!

      I have a travel hammock (looks a lot like a trek-light) that we hang in
      our room.

      The main door is a steel frame with tabs extending out through which to
      place pins to hold the door in place. There are tabs on left and right,
      but our door only needs the left one, so there's a loop through the
      right hinge and the hammock ropes go clip onto it via a biner.

      The other half of the solution is a bit hard on the bathroom door
      hinges, but it works! I've a 1 inch by 1 inch by 6 foot piece of wood
      that fits between the wall and the hinges inside the bathroom. The
      other end of the hammock clips into the loop of rope around the wood.

      This arrangement is surprisingly solid. There are times when it's held
      both me and my husband (a cumulative weight of about 350 pounds).

      We can't leave the hammock up all the time (aw shucks!) because the cat
      has picked up a bad habit of playing with the velco and the strings of
      the JRB nest hanging under the hammock. I tied them up, but she still
      attacks them.

      We won't consider getting rid of the cat, because when I'm IN the
      hammock, she makes pretty good heater. I use a regular down comforter
      instead of the JRB no-sniveller, This is because I do not want to test
      how well the no-sniveller will hold up to the cat.

      The cat must be like your grand-sons, she'd much rather sleep in the
      hammock ON me than undisturbed elsewhere.

      When in the USA during the summer, I often have my niece squeezing her
      way into the HH (set up outside) to sleep with me. She's a lot bigger
      and warmer than the cat.

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