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18570Re: [Hammock Camping] update PeaPod experience

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  • Frank Looper
    Jan 5, 2008
      I did those cold nights with a Super Shelter on bottom, plus some 1/4"
      Evazote under the OCF. The Evazote on the head half of the under
      section was 4' x 4'. It could use just a little edge trimming. The
      foot half was 2' x 4' and overlapped with the top section. I used a
      10' WM bag inside the hammock, and not just as a quilt. Yes, where I
      lay on the down crushes it, but only directly where I lay on it. Right
      beside the pressure points is full volume,and full insulation as well.

      Early in the night, on the first night, I had to put an arm out to
      keep from sweating. Later on, as it got into the teens, I zipped up
      and was roasty-toasty all night long. I had no cold spots, and could
      definitely have went colder. The wind whipped pretty hard all night
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