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18568Re: [Hammock Camping] update PeaPod experience

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  • Cara Lin Bridgman
    Jan 5, 2008
      Hi BillyBob,

      It probably was your comment!

      Sorry my comment was totally useless. I think I was confusing your
      PeaPod with Ed Speer's new underquilt. I've not got either.

      Your description makes it really clear why the PeaPod won't work with an
      HH. There may be times, though, when you'd want a really thick
      underquilt. I've noticed on the JRB site where they discuss how to work
      out a double-layer so you'd get about 5 inches of insulation underneath.

      I just avoid camping in that sort of cold!


      billybob38801 wrote:
      > Hi Cara Lin,
      > I hope it indeed was my mention of Ed telling me about the 5" space to
      > start that helped you out! Good to help out for a change, instead of
      > just needing help all the time! [:D]
      > But, I can't use the PeaPod with my HH because, unlike the Nest, it only
      > works with top loading hammocks. It circles the entire hammock, with a
      > Velcro closure on top. If you close it up most or all of the way, you
      > are sealed in it sort of like a mummy bag. It would have to be much
      > bigger in order to close over the HH net and fixed ridge line. And even
      > if it was big enough, then the huge air space over you would defeat much
      > of the purpose of the top part of the pod's loft, and then I don't think
      > you could even get in the HH. You would have to close it from the
      > outside, since you couldn't reach the closure through the net.
      > So, just absolutely not usable with the HH, unless you cut the net and
      > maybe the ridge line. Which I am certainly considering doing! Although,
      > it might be possible, with some minimal alterations, to use it with the
      > HH as a bottom quilt only. But that would be one thick UQ!
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